Ellen’s just like “Don’t even lie to me. I went on ‘trips’ with plenty of girls and we were ‘just friends’. I AM ELLEN, DON’T YOU DARE HIDE YOUR GAY IN MY PRESENCE.”

^ “DON’T YOU DARE HIDE YOUR GAY IN MY PRESENCE.” I literally thought Gandalf the Grey. 

YOU SHALL NOT PASS [as heterosexual]!

Ellen is Gandalf the Gay


For the fucking comments oh my GOD.

Ellen can smell your gay from miles away.

Logan, people tend to rub their noses a lot when they lie. Just sayin’




This Vine gives me life

I’m reblogging this again, because this gives me life and a will to live even in the darkest hours.

I need this in my life once more.

Hey, you. Yeah, no, don’t give me the sultry James Dean smirk. What the hell were you thinking kissing me like that? I had everything planned out. I was going to mope around my art studio, painting melodramatic paintings, listening to Adele, pining for Ty. And you showed up, and you kissed me, and you ruined everything. Now I can’t get you out of my head. What was that even about? Okay? Are you just messing with me? Did it mean anything to you at all? Are you just using me to get to Daphne? You know what? I — I don’t even really care. All right? I’m just really annoyed.

Title: IM5 mix over the years
Artist: Dalton Rapattoni

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so, i guess this is it.

my mix of dalton’s solos/parts in im5 songs over the years… have missed a few obvious ones (moves like jagger mashup, the other side, etc.) but i did my best to try and make this good, sorry for the messiness at times :)

so happy to have been a fan of im5 when they were 5, and i can’t wait to see what else dalton has in store for us!

i worked hard to make this, so please don’t repost it!

(i am currently working on making a download link, so please be patient!!!)

Fairytales tell, as their labels imply,
stories of magic, of creatures that fly
With giants and dragons and ogres and elves
And inanimate objects that speak for themselves
There’s romance and danger and plotting of schemes
There’s good guys and bad guys and some guys in-between
A fairytale also reveals some sort of truth
The perils of choices we make in our youth
But our story today is different in theme
For our hero had no choice - or so it would seem
It starts with a fairy bestowing a spell
This one’s a baby named Ella of Frell.

Title: Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
Artist: Miley Cyrus

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Reasons not to go outside:

  1. Ruffians
  2. Thugs
  3. Poison ivy
  4. Quick sand
  5. Cannibals
  6. Snakes
  7. The plague
  8. Large bugs
  9. Men with pointy teeth
  10. I’ll say no more. I’ll just upset you.